Have You Left Your First Love?

A young courting couple enjoys spending much time with one another.  They talk often and learn all they can about each other.  She knows his favorite sport is football, and he knows she prefers carnations over roses.  When they are apart, they often think of the other.  He talks about her to all his friends, and likewise, she talks about him to all her friends.  Unfortunately, many couples drift apart after they are married.  He no longer brings her flowers, and she despises his interest in sports.  How does this happen?  Where did things go wrong?  There are many factors that can lead to such a situation, but one of the greatest is a lack of communication.  He no longer is trying to woo her so he does not surprise her with cards and flowers.  In fact, he does not like to listen to her “constant nagging”.  She desires to talk to him like they did when they were courting, but he never listens.  They both start to grow cold and indifferent. 

Not only must we continue to invest time with our spouse to cultivate a proper relationship, but let us apply this to our spiritual lives.  When one is first saved, he desires to learn all he can about God and His Word.  He is faithful to every church service, he reads his Bible daily, he spends much time in prayer, and he tells everyone he knows about God’s love and salvation.  Too often things start to change after being saved for a while.  Getting up early to study the Word and pray just seems too hard.  Missing a few church services does not seem too bad.  This backslidden Christian becomes miserable and dissatisfied with life.  Have you left your first love?  A few questions you can ask yourself follow.  Have I become callous toward sin?  Have I been careless in witnessing to the lost?  Am I content with my spiritual walk?  If you want to have a joyful victorious Christian life, then you need to return to your first love.  Spend time with the Lord every morning.  In a survey conducted at our church in 2011, 26% answered that they have a “Quiet Time” with the Lord less than once per week.  I do not know how one can have a proper relationship with God and spend so little time with Him.  Return to your first love.  Start each day alone with Him.                               

Pastor Jim Kohr