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Eternity is a blissful thought for the Christian.  The thoughts of being in the presence of our Savior, reuniting with loved ones that have passed before us, and seeing the grand sights of Heaven are the theme of many of our songs.  Believers have no fear of death, but rest assured that death only ushers us into the presence of Christ.

While eternity is anticipated by the believer, it should also bring fear and trembling to our hearts. 

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Have You Left Your First Love?

A young courting couple enjoys spending much time with one another.  They talk often and learn all they can about each other.  She knows his favorite sport is football, and he knows she prefers carnations over roses.  When they are apart, they often think of the other.  He talks about her to all his friends, and likewise, she talks about him to all her friends.  Unfortunately,

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